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The Shows

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The Cozy Cottage Gaming Podcast

The Gaming Podcast that serves up the Gaming News you're hungry for in game specific episodes and then some!!

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Sprout Life 

The Final Fantasy 14 podcast hosted by a complete sprout!

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Dilo Dispatch

The podcast that covers Ark 2 & Ark Survival Evolved News and


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Casually Casual Cast

A World of Warcraft Podcast for those who are hardcore about NOT BEING hardcore!

"Am I the A-hole?"
Apple Pie 

The podcast where I , Your Host Harainna share AITA posts from reddit and attempt to figure out who was the rotten apple of the story and who was not!

Cozy Conversations.png

"A Cozy Chat About..."

"A Cozy Chat About..." is a podcast that aims to cover different topics about stuff in, around, and about life. The world can be a rough place, but the conversations around and about it can still be cozy!



The Cozy Podcast Network is the home for all of the podcasts I host! Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a radio DJ. I would use the set of Walkie Talkies we had as kids to host my own radio station for my sister who would be in another area of the house! In 2012 I decided to use my "gift for gab" and combine it with my love for playing video games and start podcasting about World of Warcraft. From there I have had many opportunities to podcast with friends and family , but not for any length of time due to "life" conflicting with recording. After many time hurdles through the years , I have decided to continue my podcasting aspirations  by going solo ! It can be challenging to hold yourself accountable and record in a timely fashion. As a mom and a wife it can be hard to make sure I make time for my interests. Podcasting has been a great creative outlet through the years. It has allowed me to do something I enjoy , to create content about things I enjoy, and to give bored people who like the same things I like something to listen to!




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